• Technology Acceptable Use
      Board policies regarding technology acceptable use are also located in the school student handbook. Student agreement for school handbook guidelines include district technology acceptable use.

      Board Policy Code Relating To Technology

      • Policy Code: 3227/7322 Web Page Development 
      • Policy Code: 3230/7330 Copyright Compliance 
      • Policy Code: 3220 Technology In Education 
      • Policy Code: 3225- 4312 Technology Acceptable Use 
      • Policy Code: 4318 Wireless Communication Devices 
      • Policy Code: 5071-7351 ESIR 
      • Policy Code: 6524 Network Security 
      • Policy Code: 1720/4015/7225 Cyberbullying

      PowerSchool for Students provides real-time access to:

      • Attendance
      • Final Grades
      • School Announcements
      • Standards Scores
      • Assignments
      • Assignment Scores
      • Teacher Comments

      Each PowerSchool user must complete the Memorandum of Understanding before s/he is issued an initial login to the PowerSchool system. This Memorandum of Understanding should also be completed on an annual basis for established users.