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Degrees and Certifications:

Lee County Senior High School- Class of 1997 Sandhills Community College- Associates in Elementary Education 2007 Western Governors University- Bachelors of Arts in Elementary Education 2013 Western Governors University- Masters of Science, Special Education May 2022

Mrs. Michelle Kivett

       This is my fifth year teaching at Highland Elementary and my 17th year in education. I am currently attending Western Governors University for my Masters Degree in Special Education. I will be traveling to Philly to attend my graduation commencement ceremony in May 2022. I am married and have two wonderful boys. My oldest son is 21 and my youngest son is 17 and in 11th grade. I also have 5 dogs and a turtle. 


My Philosophy of Teaching

        I believe that part of education is to take a student, help mold them and make them to be a better learner.  I also believe that each student is in need of having a secure, loving, trusting, safe, fun, enjoyable and structured learning environment. Taking all of the previously mentioned and applying it to the classroom will help educate each student to their greatest ability.

        Education should be finding out each student’s strengths, weaknesses, personalities, and learning styles and put it all together to help them learn to their greatest ability.  As a teacher, it is important to discover all possible traits of each student and build on those traits.  I believe that discovering the traits of each of my students, can bring out more qualities within each particular student that may not have been discovered any other way.

        Each student learns in a different way.  Students are not a cookie cutter mold.  Each student is more like a snowflake, unique and different in their own way.  They each come from a different home life, have different learning styles, have different strengths and weaknesses, and different needs and learning abilities.

        The idea that each student is not a cookie cutter mold but is like a snowflake, different in their own unique way, helps me to remember that each student comes from different walks of life.  One student’s weakness may be another’s strength and vice versa.  Each student needs to be treated the same but yet in a way that meets their own special needs.

        I believe a highly qualified and caring teacher can look and reach deep within each student and discover what they need and what it is going to take to help them achieve to the greatest of their ability.