Policies & Procedures

  • Computer Lab Rules
    1. Be Respectful
    2. Be Responsible
    3. Be Kind

    • Rewards
      • Students
        • Each week, one boy and one girl will be selected at the end of class. The selected students will receive a Jacket Pride ticket as well as five minutes of "free" time to visit educational games/apps. 
      • Class
        • Classes earn ClassDojo points throughout the class period. The class with the most points at the end of the nine weeks will receive the "Terrific Technology" award at the awards ceremony.
    • Consequences
      • Students
        • Students will not be selected for rewards. Students may have to sit away from other students for a certain amount of time. Students may lose access to their computer for a certain amount of time. 
      •  Class
        • Classes lose ClassDojo points throughout the class period for not following our rules.


How to Take Care of Devices

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