Policies & Procedures

  • "Rules" 

    My classroom runs off of the CES "3"

    * Be Responsible

    * Be Respectful

    * Be Kind


    We will follow the jacket pride rules used by our school.  This will include jacket expectations in the classroom, hallways, bathrooms, cafeteria, and more.  

    Rewards & Consequences

    As your child exhibits positive behavior he or she will be given a "jacket ticket" that will be put in a jar.  I will randomly pull from that jar for rewards such as homework passes, rolling chair privilages, or spirit sticks.  I will also pull names when I need errands run or jobs to be completed.

    Negative behavior will be delt with according to the child and the situation.  Children who display severe disruptive behavior will be given a write up and that paperwork will be sent home to be signed.  After three write-ups, they will be filed with the office.

    Grading Policies:

    100-90 = A (I understand!)

    89 - 80 = B (I mostly understand!)

    79-70 = C  (I understand some of the material but I need to ask questions)

    69 - 60 = D (I do not understand and need to ask for help!, Parent-Teacher Conference is Suggested)

    59 & Below = Failing (Parent-Teacher Conference is a MUST)