Policies & Procedures

  • Absences

    Please be sure to send a note excusing your students absence. 

    Late Work

    Missing/returned work is visable in the classroom and on Google Classroom. 

    Graded Work Folders

    Yellow graded work folders will be sent home every 3-4 weeks. Please sign and return graded work. Some assignments are graded through Google Classroom can be viewed through the students email, or Google Classroom. 

    Class Dojo

     A behavior chart will be maintained in the classroom for each student on their desk.Anytime a rule is broken, a student may have to clip down.  If  positive  behavior is recognized, the student may clip up.  After each day, students will update their points received.  Please check your child's agenda for these behavior charts each Friday.  

    · Attendance- Please make sure your child attends school every day if they are able to. Your child’s presence is an essential component for academic and social growth.

    · Communication – Communication is the key to a successful parent teacher relationship. Please feel free to contact us whenever you have a question or concern.  You can reach me by phone or email.  Check the contact form page!  Also sign up for Class DoJo to receive daily updates!


    · Gym- Please make sure your child is dressed appropriately so they can participate in gym. The children are asked to wear sneakers on gym day and girls might want to consider pants or having a pair of shorts to wear under skirts and dresses.

    · Library- Please remember to take very special care of library books and return them so you can check out more.

    · Outside- We will go outside if the weather permits. Please make sure your child wears appropriate clothing.

    · Progress Reports –They will be sent home at the midway point of each quarter.  It is important to go over the progress report carefully, and sign and return it to school the next day.    

    · Report cards – They are issued every nine weeks.  These will be emailed to the parent.

    · Snack – If you would like your child to have a snack, please send one from home.  We will not buy snacks from the cafeteria.  Healthy snacks only!  No soft drinks.  

    · Transportation - If your child has any changes in their transportation please let us know in writing. No phone call, or email transportation changes will be accepted.    

    · Vocabulary – This is the spelling/vocabulary program we use in our classroom. Students will do activities at school to practice their words weekly.  Vocabulary tests will be given every 2 weeks.