Policies and Procedures

  • “All-Star Rules”

    1. We will show respect and have good manners.
    2. We will keep our hands and feet to ourselves.
    3. We will listen and follow directions.
    4. We will finish classwork and homework assignments.
    5. We will keep the halls Quiet.


    Behavior Plan

    Students will have their magic number on  magnets and begin every morning at Ready to Learn. They will move their magnets up or down throughout the day based on their choices. Rewards and consequences will be awarded at each level to encourage all students to follow classroom rules and be a good student. A warning will always be give before students move down. We will talk with them each time to be sure they understand what happened and provide suggestions on how they can correct the behavior.


    Super Student-Eat lunch with teacher, treasure box, and receive behavior coupons

    Awesome Behavior-Read the class a book and treasure box

    Good choices-Treasure Box

    Ready to Learn-(Begin our Day)

    Think About it-lose 5 minutes off of recess and a smaller chance of visiting the treasure box on Friday

    Teacher's Choice-lose 15 minutes off of recess and a note sent home

    Parent Contact-lose all recess time and a phone call home

    Positive rewards

    When you follow the rules you will earn:  praise (daily), treasure box, positive notes/phone calls home, jacket pride tickets, and positive acknowledgements(compliments, high fives,etc)