Policies & Procedures




    Attendance Policy

    Please send in an absent note with a reason for the absence within 3 days of your child returning to school.  Unless I receive that, I am required to mark your child "unexcused absence." 

    Our Classroom Webpage!

    Please go to http://www.harnett.k12.nc.us/ces and click on Teachers at the top of the page.  Then click on Lynn Georgiady and you will come to our class website.  On the left you will see various information you may click on to learn about our classroom!


    So that your child will receive a nutritious lunch each day, please keep up with your child's lunch account in the cafeteria.  If any money is owed on the account, the cafeteria sends home a note to parents.  


    If your child comes home with a concern about an enhancement (Art, Music, Technology, Media-Library, or P.E.) parents need to contact the enhancement teacher to discuss the matter.

    Bus Issues

    If there are any bus issues, please see our Assistant Principal, Ms Talton.

    Medical Issues

    If your child needs medication at school, we must have a doctor's note and doctor's order. Please let me know that there is a medical concern!

    How to Contact Mrs. Georgiady

    • You may send a note to school in your child's bookbag.
    • You may call the school and speak with me.  Best time would be from 7:45 to 8:00a.m.
    • You may call the school and leave a message for me in the office. (I usually will not receive that message until after lunchtime.)
    • You may email me at lgeorgiady@harnett.k12.nc.us  I will respond within 24 hours if a weekday. 
    • No Facebook posts please.  I do not respond to FB.  
    • I am happy to have a phone or school conference with parents, Just contact me. Send me a note and we can set up a mutually convenient time!

    Leaving School Early

    Many parents want to leave with their child before dismissal time.  If it is a medical/dental appt. that is appropriate.  When children are taken out early, it disrupts the day for them and the class.  Please be thoughtful about this situation and try to keep those times to a minimum.  Thanks.