Policies and Procedures

  • ·        ARRIVAL-Students should arrive at school on time each day.  The student school day is from 8:15-3:15.  After 8:20 your child will be tardy and you will need to accompany him/her to the office to sign in.  Carpool students’ arrival time should be no earlier than 7:45 A.M.  If your child is absent from school, please send a note stating the reason within 3 school days.  All absences that there is not a note for within 3 days will be marked unexcused.

    ·        TRANSPORTATION-If there is a need to change your child’s transportation, please send a written note.  **Emails and/or phone calls will not be accepted for any transportation changes.  The note must include your child’s name, your name, the date that the change applies to and the regular way that your child travels home each day.  Keep in mind, if someone different is picking up your child through carpool, he/she must have your child’s carpool sign.

    ·        MEDICAL CONCERNS-If your child is on medication, has medical conditions, or allergies, please let us know ASAP!  No medication, of any kind, will be administered at school without written permission from your child’s physician.  These medications/forms must be submitted by you to the front office.  Children are not allowed to bring medications to school such as: cough drops, throat lozenges, medicated Chapstick, etc.     

    ·        LUNCH/SNACK/WATER-Each family who wishes to participate in the Free/Reduced Lunch Program for the 2017-2018 school year must have a new application on file.  Only one application per family is necessary.  School meals may be prepaid in advance by several methods.  Advanced payment by cash, check or money order may be sent to the school cafeteria.  Also meal payments may be made by credit or debit card at www.lunchprepay.com. Cafeteria prices are as follows: Lunch=$2.35.  Reduced Lunch=$.40.  Adult Lunch=$3.50. Breakfast=$1.50.  Reduced Breakfast=FREE.  If your child has a food allergy, PLEASE let us know, especially if he/she may only have certain items on the lunch menu.  You must provide documentation from your child’s doctor.  No glass bottles or jars may be brought to school.  Students may not bring carbonated beverages or foods that need to be heated.  We will be having a snack each day.  We ask that you provide a healthy snack for your child, whenever possible, such as pretzels, raw fruits or vegetables, fruit cups, cheese sticks, popcorn, cereal or granola bars, yogurt, etc.  Please make certain that it can easily be eaten in 5-10 minutes.  No chips or chocolate please!  Your child will be allowed to bring a water bottle each day to help keep hydrated.  Please be sure that it is sealed well each morning to avoid any spills.  He/she will bring an empty bottle home to be washed and sanitized.

    ·        RECESS-Our recess time is will be late afternoon daily.  Please see to it that your child is dressed appropriately for active outside time. 

    ·        MONEY-Your child may need to bring money to school for several reasons.  Always send money in a sealed envelope with the following information written on it:  Your child’s first and last name, the purpose for the money (breakfast, lunch, fees, book order, field trip, etc.), and my name and grade level (Olmstead/2nd).

    ·        INFORMATION-Please notify me immediately if you have had a change in address or phone number, including emergency contact numbers.  It is very important that we be able to contact you if your child should become ill or suffer injury.

    ·        COATS AGENDA-Your child will using an agenda again this school year.  We will be using it and a home-school folder as a system of organizing school papers, homework (homefun), etc.  This system will be used to allow for better home-school communication.  No more wrinkled papers at the bottom of backpacks a month late.  No more lost notes, newsletters or calendars.  No more searching the house to find paper to write me a note.  Everything will be together in the agenda and folder.  Please be certain to initial the agenda each day.

    ·        HOMEWORK-Homework will be called “Homefun” in our classroom.  Your child will have Homefun Monday through Thursday.  Occasionally your child many need to work on projects over the week.  Please refer to the homefun assignments in the Coats agenda.

    ·        COATS ELEMENTARY SCHOOL STUDENT/PARENT HANDBOOK-Please take some time to read the school handbook thoroughly.