• Classroom Guidance as an Enhancement.

    While Participating in Distance Learning, there are resources that students can access on Career Interest and a form to contact me if needed.


    If students need to "Check in with Mrs. McNeill" there is a form in my google classroom that you can access.  

    Guidance Classroom codes will be announced through the Homeroom teacher. 


    In Guidance Instruction, students will strive to become responsible, caring, and trustworthy individuals.   Throughout the school year, students will have Classroom Guidance classes and will be working hard to learn how to demonstrate positive character and leadership traits at school, home, and in the community. 


    Topics discussed in guidance will include: 

           7 Habits of Happy Kids     College and Career Readiness       

     Respect           Courage        Top Dog Habits     Safety          Responsibility        

    Perseverance        Leadership Habits   "Bucket Filler" Behavior  

    Self-Discipline      Medicine Safety     Good Judgment      Gratefulness

    Kindness       Integrity      Goal setting     School Expectations

    Bullying       Trustworthiness    Leadership

     Self-Esteem         Friendship        Bullying       Coping         

    Study Skills      Emotions and Feelings 

    Rude, Mean, and Bully behaviors