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    Classroom Supplies

    It is the responsibility of the student to provide their own school materials.  It is also the student’s responsibility to make sure they bring these items to school each day.  Students will need a composition book or notebook paper to take notes for coursework. They will also need pens, pencils, and highlighters.  Students must make sure they bring and carry supplies from one class to another. They will not be released to go to another classroom to get supplies they have forgotten.

    Classroom Expectations

    Behavioral Expectations:

    • Student is expected to be on time, be prepared for and on task in all assignments.
    • Student is expected to show evidence of being motivated at all times in both online assignments and in other classroom assignments.
    • Student is expected to use mature communication skills at all times.
    • Student is expected to respect himself/herself and others at all times.
    • Student is expected to have transportation arrangements made with parents prior to attending the program each day.

    Academic Expectations:

    • Student is expected to set goals and show evidence of working to achieve those goals.
    • Student is expected to participate in completing assignments for the purpose of maintaining academic performance.
    • Student is expected to attend regularly. Absences may warrant the removal from the program so that this opportunity may be offered to another student.
    • Student is expected to have a desire to be successful

    General Information

    THe Academy is located only on the second floor of the Lillington Education Complex.  Students will remain upstairs throughout the day except for breakfast, lunch, classes at STAR, and other designated activities.  Students must stay with their teacher anytime they leave the Academy hallway.  Students are reminded that they are NOT to enter the downstairs hallway at any time for any reason.  Students may not enter any other building on this campus, unless directed by a staff member.


    Students need to arrive at school to school at 7:30.  All students must enter through the cafeteria.  Students should be appropriately dressed before entering the building.  Upon arrival students will immediately go through the metal detector and through student search procedures.  If outside food or drink items are brought in at  this time, they will be checked and appropriately stored for lunch time.  No open containers allowed!  The Academy @Lillington students will get their breakfast and report upstairs directly to the designated classroom for breakfast and homeroom.  There will be no hanging out in the hallways or bathrooms.


    Academy students will bring breakfast upstairs to be eaten in the classroom. However, if your first period class is in the STAR Academy building you will eat in the cafeteria.  Students arriving late are not allowed to bring breakfast in the building with them. Eating should be done prior to coming to school. If you arrive before 8:30 you may be able to get a breakfast from the cafeteria.  Anytime a bus arrives late breakfast will be provided for riders at that time.


    When in the hallway students are expected to continue to follow all rules.  At no time should a student disturb another classroom or teacher by stopping by to peak in or say hello to anyone, including the teacher.  Phones, headphones, and/or any other electronic devices should not be in use or visible in the hallways.


    Students will remain in the assigned classrooms for the entire period unless otherwise directed by the teacher or administration.  Students may not leave classrooms for any reason without permission from the teacher. Food and drinks are not allowed at/on the computer workstations or visible on the floor or tables.  Eating and/or drinking is not allowed at or on computer tables and counters. Snacks must be kept in book bags at all times. Teachers will direct you regarding individual classroom procedures.


    Academy students will eat lunch in the school cafeteria.  Students must use good manners and respect others while at lunch.  There will be designated tables in the cafeteria for the  Academy students.  Students must remain at these tables during lunch and are not to be moving about the cafeteria without permission from a staff member.  Students may not leave the cafeteria until it is time to return to the classrooms. No food, drinks, cups, or ice will be taken from the cafeteria following lunch.  All food must be eaten before leaving the cafeteria.

    Bag lunches are permissible but please be aware that there is no microwave and/or refrigerator access for students in the classrooms.  Students may use the microwave in the cafeteria. Any beverage brought to school MUST NOT HAVE THE SEAL BROKEN. Any drink container with a broken seal may be checked for contents.


    Students will take personal bathroom breaks during class with teacher permission. Students should only use the upstairs bathrooms.

    Buses and Dismissal

    Upon dismissal, Academy staff will accompany students from classes to the bus area.  Please use the walkways and steps when going to the buses. Students are to go directly to the buses or to their cars if they are driving.  Students must not enter STAR Academy or any other building. All Academy rules apply until students leave the school campus, including parking and bus lots.


    Academy students will have the opportunity to complete more than the standard eight classes per year and are only required to complete twenty- two credits instead of the standard twenty-six credits.

    English, Science, Math, and Social Studies classes are taken online with the Academy Facilitator.  Students may complete these courses at their own pace, however they must be completed by the end of the semester.  It is possible for a motivated student to complete these courses in less than a semester allowing time to complete another online course, making it possible to graduate at an earlier date.

    Career and Technical Education (CTE) classes needed for graduation will be full semester courses. Several of these courses will offer credentialing after successful completion of a designated pair of courses.  Students will be able to graduate with a basic certification level which will allow them to immediately apply for various entry level jobs. These courses are taught by our STAR CTE teacher.  Students will participate in state CTE testing at the end of courses.

    Students needing other courses will conference with administration/guidance to develop a plan of action. There may be some incidences where a student may take their math course online if it is a credit recovery course and approval is granted by administration/guidance.

    Connexus Instructional Courses

    Students will be using Pearson Connexus starting this year to complete coursework required for graduation.  Perason Connexus is the online platform used for credit recovery and credit accrual classes.

    Students are allowed to work on Connexus lessons at home in the evenings and weekends.  All students will need to do work at home in order to complete the course by the end of the semester. All pre, post and review tests will be completed under the supervision of the Academy facilitator. Unauthorized work completed at home is subject to disciplinary action which may include dismissal from the Academy @Lillington.

    Students taking a Connexus course for credit recovery will receive a “P” for passing or an “F” for failing on report cards and transcripts.  Students taking a Connexus course for initial credit (a course they have not taken before) will receive the earned grade from the average of post and review tests.


    State EOC testing does apply to Connexus courses.  EOC courses are English II, NC Math I, Math III, and Biology. NCFE are not required for Connexus courses.  The Review test in each online course will serve as the Exam Grade.



    The Academy at Lillington and Harnett County Schools promotes academic excellence in all of our students.  The Academy at Lillington depends heavily upon your motivation to learn the material and to do so with honesty.  As a student, you must agree to the Honor Code below and any additional terms specific to a class or course.

    By enrolling in The Academy courses, I agree that I will:

    • Not give my username and/or password to anyone.
    • Submit only my original work.
    • Not plagiarize.
    • Complete all the assigned work and will honestly report my progress.
    • Complete all pre-tests, post-tests and review tests with my own work and only my own work. I will not submit the work of any other person.
    • Not discuss the contents of any exam with anyone. I will not post answers to problems that are being used to assess student performance.
    • Not copy or print all, or part, of any exam. “Copy” encompasses any form of reproduction including, but not limited to, transcribing, printing, photocopying, photographing, and using the print screen tool.
    • Not engage in any activity that would dishonestly improve my results, or improve or hurt the results of others.
    • Report any infraction of the Honor Code observed.

    I understand that I can be held accountable for failure to comply with all aspects of this honor pledge as outlined in the The Academy at Lillington Student Handbook and the Harnett County Schools Student Code of Conduct.  Any violations by a student enrolled in Academy courses may be denial of future enrollment in online courses made available from Academy and Harnett County Schools.

    Dress Code

    Students must be in proper attire at the time they arrive on campus and enter the cafeteria.  They must remain that way throughout the day and while they board the bus or car to leave. Apparel will not display vulgar language, ideas, or pictures.  Gang related attire is not permitted.

    The dress code is as follows:


    • Polo shirts must be worn by the Academy student at all times. three shirts will be provided to the student at enrollment.  
    • If dress code becomes a problem then a solid red collared uniform shirt will be provided by the Academy.
    • No hoodies at all even in jacket form.


    • Students will be allowed to wear their own pants.
    • If dress code become a problem then students will be issued uniform pants by the Academy.
    • Pants must be worn on waist line at all times and must not sag or be baggy.
    • Pants should fit so that other pants or undergarments do not show when seated or at any other time.
    • Pants must be completely free of holes, cuts, rips, that show any skin.
    • Pants not allowed include leggings, jeggings, spandex, pajamas, sweatpants, skinny jeans, cut-offs, or others of this type. This list is not all inclusive and subject to administrative/staff determination.
    • Belts are optional.
    • Students wearing inappropriate pants will be given a pair of black or khaki pants to wear for the day and refusal to change will warranty suspension from school as well as privilege to stay in program.

    Headgear, Accessories, and Handbags

    • Headgear and other accessories are not permitted on the school grounds. (i.e. baseball hats, scarves, hairnets, do rags, headbands, sunglasses, etc.).
    • If any of the above items are confiscated, they will be turned in to the Principal for a parent to pick up.
    • Students my wear jackets as needed during class time, however hoods are not to be worn on any part of the head in class, halls, cafeteria, etc.

    Administration/staff reserves the right to revise or determine if a students’ dress at any given time is appropriate.

    Attendance and Tardy Policy

    Attendance at The Academy at Lillington is for the purpose of obtaining an education. This requires full attendance in all classes, coming to class on time, and using every minute productively.  According to county policy, after seven (7) absences an automatic failing grade of FF (failure due to attendance) is assigned at the end of the semester.

    • All absences are automatically marked as unexcused in PowerSchool on a daily basis. When a note is physically returned the absence can be coded as needed.  Per county attendance policy guidelines, students only have 3 days to return notes to be accepted as a possible excused absence.                                                                                                               
    • Only absences for the following reasons may be coded as
      • Doctor Notes/Waived
      • Court notes/Waived
      • Funeral verifications approved by principal/Waived
      • Parent notes stating the student/student’s child was sick/Excused
    • All other absences must be marked as UNEXCUSED. Examples:  missed the bus, family emergency,  
    • Some excused absences may be waived at the end of the school year at the discretion of the program coordinator. Appropriate documentation must be on file with the homeroom teacher (i.e. doctor appointments, court appearances, funeral attendance).  If you wish to appeal your absences you must submit an appeal request, in writing, to the program coordinator.


    Ø  Following the accumulation of excessive absences, a Harnett County Attendance letter will be mailed home and parents/guardians will be contacted by phone.

    Ø  A parent conference will be initiated following 7 absences.       

    Ø  Home visits regarding attendance will be determined as needed by the Program Coordinator and/or Dropout Prevention Counselor.

    Tardies interrupt classes and if left unchecked may establish bad attendance habits.  If you are tardy you may miss valuable information needed for the day. A tardy is identified as not being in your seat and working at the beginning of each class period.  Students who accumulate tardies will be referred to the program coordinator. Any student who drives to school may lose driving privileges if excessive tardies occur.

    If a student arrives to school late or needs to leave school early, he or she will report to homeroom to sign in/out.  Early dismissal notes should be approved by the program coordinator at the beginning of the day.


    It is a policy of The Academy that all students, regardless of age and including those students over the age of 18, who must leave campus during the school day,

    must present to the administrator a written parental/guardian note stating the reason and granting their permission.   This information should be presented at the beginning of the day and is subject to approval upon administrator/staff verification.  In some circumstances when a note is not possible, the administrator or teacher may contact a parent/guardian over the phone for permission.

    Internet Policy

    The Harnett County Internet Policy clearly states that the use of the internet is only for educational purposes as directed by the classroom teacher.  If you violate the policy you will lose access to the internet.  Students at the Academy rely on the computer to complete courses for graduation.  Violation of the internet policy may result in your dismissal from The Academy.

    Here are some key points:

    • There is no privacy on the county internet. The school system can and will check behind you.
    • No Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, or any other social networking/media sites.
    • No access to non-related school sites by going through another website (i.e. proxy sites).
    • You may not download music from the internet or any other device.
    • You may not plug any personal device into a county computer for any reason unless it is teacher directed for educational purposes.

    When completing coursework on Connexus you must have internet access.  However, this does not mean you are allowed to access other internet sites.  “Googling answers” is a form of cheating and is not permitted.

    Electronic Devices Policy

    Personal cell phones and other personal electronic devices of any kind are not permitted for usage during the school day in the classrooms and halls unless given permission by teachers/staff.  Devices include headphones, ear buds, iPods, MP3 players, CD,s DVD’s, blank CD’s, Kindles, Nooks, other reading devices, or flash drives to use on school computers or any other device not mentioned which may be deemed to be an electronic device by school staff. If any of these items become a problem during the school day in any location they may be turned over to the program coordinator and remain in a secure location until it is returned to the student at the end of the day or until a parent can come by the school to pick up the item.

    All devices, including headphones and ear buds, must remain in bags, pockets or purses.  They must not be visible during the times and places indicated unless permission is granted by the classroom teacher, staff or administration.

    Headphones are not supplied by the school.   


    No personal devices may be connected to any part of a school computer or computer work area for charging or any other purpose.  Teachers may designate a location to charge phones within the room but permission must first be granted.



    Bus Transportation Guidelines and Procedures


    Harnett County Schools (HCS) provides transportation for children to and from their residence or

    pre-determined location (by school administration). As such the following rules and procedures shall apply:

    1. All students are expected to be prepared to board the bus 10 minutes prior to the scheduled arrival time.
    2. All students are expected to conduct themselves in accordance with Policy Code: 4300 Code of Student Conduct. Discipline, as a result of violations of policies, will be the responsibility of each individual school.
    3. Students will be transported to and from their residence or predetermined approved location to the school in the district in which they reside each school day. (Grades K-12)
    4. Students who attend school out of district at the parent’s request do not qualify for transportation. (Grades K-12)
    5. If an emergency situation occurs in your home beyond your control and it becomes necessary for your child to be discharged at a location other than one previously approved, a written request must be provided to the child’s Principal in advance. The request must meet HCS board policy 6321 and contain the following information to be considered: (Grades K-12)
    6. Address of temporary discharge/pickup location
    7. Name of responsible adult receiving your child
    8. Telephone number of temporary address
    9. Your telephone number during the emergency
    10. The length of time of the request is to be honored
    11. Bus drivers and administrators have the authority to return students to the school in the event of safety or disciplinary circumstances. The parent or legal guardian is then responsible for picking up their student(s).

    Parents of children with Pre-School Disabilities, Exceptional Children’s Program students needing special

    transportation in accordance with their IEP, and all K-2 students are required to provide supervision at the bus

    stop for drop-off and pickup. (This applies to all early release and inclement weather days as well.)

    The  Academy at Lillington Transportation Guidelines

    In addition to the Harnett County guidelines and procedures for bus transportation, The Academy has additional policies related to transportation by bus, personal vehicle, or walking.  The following apply to all students enrolled in The Academy regardless of age.

    1. Student drivers may not transport other students without written permission from both sets of parents/legal guardians and approval by the program administrator.
    2. Any change in regular transportation must come as a written request from the parent and be approved by the program administrator.
    3. Students riding a bus will report to the bus parking lot as soon as school is dismissed. Students driving cars will report to their designated parking area as soon as school is dismissed.  Students being picked up by a parent/legal guardian or other approved person should stay in the designated car rider area until picked up. These areas will remain separate, as should students.
    4. Students planning to drive to school will have to provide Success Academy a copy of their driver’s license, proof of insurance. If for any reason the student continues to be tardy or abuse this privilege a bus assignment will be provided.

    Any student who fails to follow transportation policies and procedures may be subject to losing the privilege to ride a Harnett County school bus or drive their personal car on campus.

    The Academy Agreements                                                                                                                                             

    Lillington Education Complex, 2nd Floor                   

    900 S. 11th Street           

    Lillington, NC 27546                                                                                                                                                   

    Points of Contact:  Mrs. Christy D. Thomas, Director, Academy @Lillington (910-814-3442) or cthomas1@harnett.k12.nc.us

                                    Mr. Robert Carber, Academi Support Coordinator (910-893-4072) or rcarver@harnett.k12.nc.us

                                    Ms. Leslie Wood, Teacher Facilitatory, (910-893-8151) EXT. 275 or lwood@harnett.k12.nc.us


    Please initial beside each topic to indicate you have been made aware of The Academy Guidelines.

    ______  Daily Schedule                                                                     ______  Classroom Supplies

    ______  Classroom Expectations                                                        ______  General Information

    ______  Academics                                                                           ______  Honor Code              

    ______  Dress Code                                                                          ______ Attendance/Tardy Policy

    ______  Internet Policy                                                                     ______  Electronic Devices Policy

    ______  Transportation Policy


    I have read all of the information in the The Academy at Lillington Handbook. My signature below indicates that I understand what is expected and I agree to follow these guidelines in order to complete my education.    

    Student Printed Name:  _________________________________________________________

    Student Signature:  __________________________________________ Date:  ___________

    Cell Phone Number:_________________________________________


    I have read all of the information in the The Academy Handbook. My signature below indicates that I understand what is expected of my student.  As an Academy parent, I agree to cooperate with The Academy and encourage my student to succeed and graduate.

    Parent Printed Name:  __________________________________________________________

    Parent Signature:  ___________________________________________ Date:  ___________

    Cell Phone Number: _________________________________________