Policies & Procedures

  • CES Rules:  1.  Be responsible.   2. Be respectful.   3. Be Kind.

    Classroom Rules:  1.  Listening Bodies- I will listen & follow directions.  2.  Raised hands- I will raise my hand to share ideas.  3.  Walking Feet- I will walk in the school & classroom to be safe.  4.  Helping Hands- I will use my hands to help others.  5.  Caring Hearts- I will use kind words.  

    Following the rules will result in earning Class DOJO points, virtual stickers and Jacket Pride Tickets in Google Classroom, and special activities/privileges. Students can see their Dojo points on a Class Dojo during technology daily. Students will be rewarded by using Dojo points to buy gifts, prizes and special privileges at the Class Dojo Store each quarter.