• Remote Daily Schedule


    8:15-8:30         Morning Meeting (Students need to log into google classroom by 8:10 to get code to join by 8:15)

    8:30-9:15         Reading Groups/Centers

    9:15-9:30         Break

    9:30-10:00       ELA (Whole group) 

    10:00-11:00     Independent work (I will be online for questions. Students can log off to work on assignments independently.)

    11:00-11:45     Enhancements (I will be off line. Students will join the enhancement teachers meet online.)

    11:45-12:45     Lunch (Everyone will be off line.)

    12:45-2:00       Math

    2:00                  Dismiss students

    2:00-3:00         I will be available to schedule conferences.      



    Week A                               Week B

    Mon.   STEM                       Mon.   Guidance

    Tues.  PE                            Tues.  PE

    Wed.   Music                       Wed.   Music

    Thurs. Art                           Thurs. Art

    Fri.      Media                      Fri.      Computer