Frequently Asked Questions

    1. Is there still an issue with all families receiving daily calls regarding late buses or second loads?
      There is always the potential for bus issues and phone calls to all; however, we are working on setting up a better communication system - one that would lessen the number of "all family" calls that are sent.

    2. Can students bring and carry refillable water bottles to school?
      Students can have water bottles at lunch, but are not allowed to carry them throughout the day unless they have adoctor's note for the need.

    3. Do students change clothes or shoes for PE?
      No, but students should dress according to the requirements for their PE rotation; tennis shoes for gym rotation, jackets if ithey are on outside rotation for PE, etc.

    4. Can students have cell phones at school?
      They CAN have them at school but MUST keep them in their locker.

    5. Will students receive textbooks?
      No.  Students use chromebooks to access digital textbooks and resources for classes.  Some classes do have textbooks as a resource to use in the classroom only.  These are not taken home.

    6. Do students take chromebooks home?
      No.  Chromebooks stay at school and are used only in the core classes.