Degrees and Certifications:

Mrs. Pelosi

Classroom Guidance 

I visit each class every three weeks for a lesson.  We cover a variety of topics throughout the year, such as bullying, feelings, problem-solving, friendship, communication skills, etc.  Sanford Harmony, a social-emotional learning program, is what I use for second grade. These lessons give me the opportunity to interact with every child in the school.  The class schedule operates on a Week A, B, & C rotation.  I meet with students during their regular enhancement time block. 

Small Groups

A variety of small groups are offered to students.  In groups, students learn and practice academic, social and emotional skills alongside their peers.  These groups create a safe space for children to become more self-aware, and to practice skills such as cooperation, emotional regulation, and communication skills.  Every student can benefit from a small group.  Groups typically meet once a week for 4-6 weeks.  Students can be added to groups by counselor/teacher/administration recommendation, or by parent request.

Individual Counseling 

School counselors are able to meet individually with students as needed, especially when the issue at hand impacts the student at school.  I will work with the student to discuss his/her feelings and problem-solve.  Elementary school counselors assist all children.  While I cannot provide long-term counseling or "therapy", it may be appropriate for a child to receive short-term individual counseling.  If more attention/intervention is warranted, I would be happy to assist parents/caregivers and aid in the referral process for outside counseling services within the community.