• Teaching Strategies


      1. Social-Emotional 

      A. Regulates own emotions and behaviors

      B. Establishes and sustains positive relationships

      C. Participates cooperatively and constructively


      2. Language

      A. Listen to and understands increasingly complex language

      B.  Uses language to express thoughts and needs

      C. Uses appropriate conversational and other communication skills 

      D. Demonstrates positive approaches to learning 

      E. Remembers and connects experiences 

      F. Uses classification skills

      G. Uses symbols and images to represent something not present


      3. Literacy

      A. Demonstrates phonological awareness

      B. Demonstrates knowledge of the alphabet

      C. Demonstrates knowledge of print and its uses

      D. Comprehends and responds to books and other texts

      E. Demonstrates emergent writing skills


      4. Math

      A. Uses number concepts and operations

      B. Explores and describes spatial relationships and shapes


      5. Science/Technology

      A. Uses scientific inquiry skills

      B. Demonstrates knowledge of the characteristics of living things

      C. Demonstrates knowledge of the physical properties of objects and materials

      D. Demonstrates knowledge of Earth's environment

      E. Uses tools and other technology to perform tasks


      6. Arts

      A. Explores muscial concepts and expressions

      B. Explores dance and movement concepts