2021-22 School Year  Mrs. Mesaros' 8th Grade Math Google Classroom

    I will send parent invitations to all parents who submit an email address to me through Google Classroom.  The email will give you instructions to sign up for daily or weekly summaries.  You can also have your child sign in to their Google Classroom under their email and password and see what we have been doing.  It is no longer an option in Google Classroom for parents to have full access as in years past, you are given the option for daily or weekly summaries of Google Classroom posts from my Google classroom activity. 

    Under Classwork: I have my posts organized by the Week of School. Example: Week 10 (10/26 - 10/29)

    I post daily "In Class" materials and a list of what we did and what is to be done. In the material post, there are generally notes, that day's slides and possibly a video or two.   In a separate post, is the independent assignment that students are assigned for the day.  Each post is dated by the day and date.  For example: M 2/28 In Class/To Do or M 2/28 Quizizz: Pythagorean Theorem.

    If a student is absent, they are able to take notes as they view the slides, then complete the assignment for the day. 

    Assignments in Powerschool are listed by the day, date, name as they are labeled in my Google Classroom.  

    Any test that is assigned in math is to be completed within 1 week of the date is was originally assigned or it will remain a 0 in PowerSchool for the quarter.