Mr. Saxon



Degrees and Certifications:

Mr. Saxon

    • Liberty University
      • Graduated with his Bachelors of Science in Elementary and Middle School Education
        • Certified in the following:
          • Middle School Science
          • Middle School Social Studies
          • CTE
    • By Phone: Just call the main office and ask for Mr. Saxon
    • By Email: Use
    • Note: Please leave your name, your child’s name and your email for a voluntary behavior system for easy communication on the paper in the front of the classroom. This will only be used though should the need arise.

    • Lists of things your student will need for my Science class:
      • Paper. Lots and lots of paper.
      • Pencils. Lots and lots of pencils.
      • A 3 Ring Binder with Dividers where they can write their notes. With their lots and lots of pencils and papers.
      • Pens. See above.
      • Colored Pencils or Crayons, something to color with.
      • Students will be using their provided laptop almost every day. [SO don't get it taken away for playing around on it!]

    • This CTE class is project based
      • There will not be as many grades as a normal classroom as students will have to present their learning to the teacher.
      • Students will have notes as a grade, as well as have to show their attempts at work to prove they are working.
      • Students will have a Engineering Journal
    • Students will not lose a lot of points for failing.
      • Students will lose points for lack of EFFORT

    • Headphones
      • Allowed, but only one ear bud in at a time, and during notes days, none allowed.
      • No one should be able to hear your music/whatever/etc, so it is your job to control your volume level. Half way to max seems to be the best bet.
    • Computers
      • Follow the school rules, and do your work and you’ll be fine
      • Those that don’t, will most likely get their laptop taken away, and given a zero for the day, with no way to get it back.
    • You have the internet
      • USE IT.
    • Excuses
      • Don't care about them. Fix the problem. 

  • Steps to Behavior Management

      • Warning
        • See below
      • Student conference [Will make attempt to contact parents.]
      • Parent conference
      • Referral to guidance
      • Referral to administration
    • Should student fail to follow directions, Mr. Saxon may have students spend up to 3 days in silence lunch, working on work relevant of the class to make up for their behaviors.