Supply List

  • Book Bag   (no wheels)

    Please put these things in your child’s bookbag for the first day of school:  

    • Change of clothes:  Shirt, pants, underwear and socks in a Ziploc bag labeled with your child’s name. This will stay in your child’s book bag all year, to be used as needed.
    • Blanket:  Please send this clean on Mondays. It will be returned every Friday to be washed at home. 
    • Small pillow and stuffed animal (optional):  These will be kept in your child’s cubby. NO big pillows and NO toys, please. 
    • Water bottle:  Please send a resealable bottle each day filled with only water for your child. They will have access to this throughout the day.  Don’t forget to label it with their name, in permanent marker. 

    School supplies to bring to school

    Teacher will unpack and distribute these materials as needed. Please do not label, or open and distribute purchased materials to your child.

    • 2 rolls of paper towels
    • 2 bottles of hand soap
    • 1 bottle of hand sanitizer
    • 1 pack of Lysol disinfecting wipes
    • 1 can of Lysol disinfecting spray
    • 1 box of facial tissues
    • 1 pack of baby wipes
    • 2 containers of Play-Doh
    • 1 pack of Ziploc bags (boys- 1 gallon/ girls: 1 quart)

    **This list may change every year according to what we need. An updated supply list will be provided at the Meet the Teacher meeting.