Learning at home

    • Read with a grown up every night! You can read books you have at home or that you borrow from the public library or someone else, OR read books on Epic Books. Beginning in October a reading log will be sent home, and if your read between 10 or 15 books each month you will earn a prize!


    • Practice the letters/ sounds of the alphabet and numbers 1-20 (number identification and route counting). There are tons of fun and educational YouTube videos your parents can help you to find! 


    • Practice tracing/ writing your first name using different writing tools such as crayons, markers, colored pencils, chalk, etc. 


    • Go to the useful links section of our class webpage and access any of the educational websites listed. Learn and have fun! 


    This section will be updated as the year progresses with more ideas of things parents can do to support their child's learning at home.