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    What does it mean to take Math I in the 8th grade?

    • Students will need to learn both 8th grade math and Math I so there are no gaps moving forward; this class will follow the standard course of study for 8th grade math as well as High School Math I; there are 25 standards in 8th grade math and 46 standards in Math I; some standards will overlap but that is still a lot of information to cover in a years time
    • We will move faster AND there will be more work and higher expectations from the students
    • Students will be expected to be responsible and persevere when things get hard; students need to understand that more effort will be needed and that they may actually have to study and take some ownership in their learning
    • 8th grade math and Math I are vary different from 6th and 7th grade math
    • Taking this course requires taking the End-of-Course (EOC) Exam at the end of the year.  This exam will count as 25% of their overall final grade for the course (they do not have to take the 8th grade EOG)
    • Passing grade means credits toward high school graduation and will show up on the child's transcript (does not get factored into the high school GPA)
    • A failing grade (lower than 60 for a final grade) will translate into no credit earned and will show up on child's transcript as failing (does not affect high school GPA); Math I will have to be repeated in the 9th grade
    • Students can not drop the class after the first 20 days of school
    • Math I will count as 1 of the 4 math courses needed to graduate high school, however, 1 math course is encouraged during their Senior Year (especially if they plan on attending a 4-year college)
    • A typical sequence for an academic track in high school mathematics might look like this:  

     9th grade:  Math II or Honors Math II

    10th grade:. Math III or Honors Math III Including an EOC

    11th-12th grade:  Advanced Functions and Modeling, AP Statistics, Pre-Calculus, AP Calculus, or Honors Discrete Math


    8th Grade Math Standards

    Pay attention to Page 2 which lists out all the 8th grade math standards


    Math I Standards

    Pay attention to Page 2 which lists out all the 8th grade math standards



    In class I usually use TI-84 Plus calculators; there is also a TI-84 Plus CE that is the most recent version

    We will also use the online Desmos Calculators that I have linked below.


    Desmos Graphing Calculator


    Desmos Scientific Calculator