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    The print publications are a student business produced as part of a learning experience in the curriculum, and it is not possible to reprint the Yearbook if/when minor errors arise. The staff regrets any errors and learns from constructive feedback provided via surveys and thoughtful email messages. The process for creating the yearbook is rigorous and involves multiple rounds of careful editing. Because the yearbook is printed once annually, it is not possible to run corrections. If a staff discovers, from any source, that a factual error or major mistake was published and passed the editors, the entire Staff will issue a written apology to those affected. The severity of error will determine if a refund/discount will be approved and this will be on a case by case basis. An error does not constitute an automatic refund. 


    The Yearbook Staff reserves the right to determine the appropriateness of advertising and refuse sale and publication without cause. No advertising will be published for activities illegal to the youngest member of the student population.

    The yearbook will sell space for senior recognition and businesses. The staff will publish a payment and submission schedule by Dec. 1 of each year and reserves the right to refuse publication to any parent or advertiser who does not meet deadlines. Payments will not be refunded.

    Errors in ads and senior recognitions will be addressed in the following manner.

    1. a)      Correction of minor errors with a reprint of the ads on stickers.
    2. b)      Complete refund only in cases of errors that are deemed to destroy the intent of the ad.

    Businesses will be held to the same expectations as senior recognitions. The Yearbook will not be responsible for errors in printing caused by submissions that do not meet published specifications.

    Covering death

    Should a student or staff member die at any time during the current coverage period, the Overhills High Yearbook Staff will treat the death in a tasteful, respectful manner.

    In the yearbook people section with student/staff portraits, the portrait of that person will appear as it would under normal circumstances. Next to the portrait will appear birth date and date of passing unless the death occurs after the book’s final deadline, which is generally Mar. 20. No tribute, obituary, or another memorial item will appear in the yearbook. We will offer a Quarter Page space complimentary. However, families and/or friends or other parties may purchase space for a memorial or tribute to appear in the advertising section of the yearbook, and may do so at the “early-bird” pricing structure regardless of purchase date, but advertising space generally is available only August-December and production of these pages is complete by February. However, if space allows a memoria orl tribute may be purchased after this time as long as it is before the final deadline of Mar. 20. It is the aim of the staff to handle any such situation in a fair and sensitive manner.


    Yearbooks will be on sale each year from August through May. The price will vary and increase based on a scheduled rate plan, which will be published on the OHS website and Yearbook website. Students who do not purchase a book in advance run the risk of not receiving one; only a small number of extra books will be ordered and will be available for late purchase on a first-come, first-served basis. No checks will be accepted for yearbook sales during May distribution. Books are available online for purchase directly from Jostens.

    Exchanges can be made for books with minor flaws if no writing has been done in the book. If a book has been written in, then no exchange can be made unless the adviser feels the flaw in the book if of major proportion (pages missing, pages in upside down).

    It will be the responsibility of the buyer to provide proof of purchase if the staff can provide no record. A valid receipt or a canceled check deposited in the publication's account will constitute proof of purchase.

    Any purchased book not claimed within the calendar year it is produced will become the property of the program and the price forfeited. Students who withdraw or move away from OHS can pick up books in person or can have their yearbooks shipped to a designated address upon receipt of $7 shipping fee and forwarding address.

    The staff and the editorial board will determine the cost of an individual copy based on a balanced budget.

    Sexual Orientation

    The Overhills High Yearbook Staff respects the diversity of the student body and understands some students may wish to identify differently than what is on file with the official school records. The Overhills High Yearbook Staff wants to be supportive of these choices, however, because the Yearbook is a historical document, students who wish to identify as other than what the official school records show will not be allowed to - with the exception of students who have legalized their name change, sexual orientation or identity.