•  Course Overview:

    Eleventh-grade English is a chronological survey of American literature that includes the beginnings of the

    American tradition, the Revolutionary period, and drama. Authors emphasized are Bradford, Paine, Franklin, Jefferson, Poe, Irving, Emerson, Thoreau, Dickinson, Twain, Crane, Faulkner, Fitzgerald, Steinbeck, etc. Communication skills stressed are writing, speaking, and listening. A short research paper is required.


    Grading Guidelines:

    Learning Activities:  30% Independent Learning:  30% & Unit Assessments: 40%        

    Work Expectations:

      • Ownership. All work must be your own.  Exercise integrity.  Take responsibility for your own academic progress.  
      • Timeliness. Work must be turned in on time. This ensures fair and accurate grading.   
      • Assignments. There will be different assignments throughout the semester. Assignments are due BEFORE class begins. 
        • Daily Bell Ringers - are to be completed each day before the end of the day in order to receive credit. 
        • Activities - these will vary in length and timeliness but will correlate to what we are reading and the skills you are expected to learn and demonstrate. 
        • Presentations Videos - throughout the semester you will have activities which require you to record videos as your presentation. Please note, no one else will see these except me. 
        • Essays - you will have several essays to complete throughout the semester. 


    • Late Work. For each six weeks you will be allowed to submit only TWO late assignments (thus only two zeros will be revised in PowerSchool per six weeks). You are required to submit a ‘Late Work Pass’ which includes the name of the assignment and you must submit the late assignment within a week of the original deadline.  
    • Submission. Work must be submitted before the beginning of class. Turning in after class starts counts as late. 
    • Grace Period. This will be extended on a case by case basis. If you need this, you must see me prior to work being late. 
    • Corrections and Extra Credit. All assignments (with the exception of anything plagiarized) below a 70 can be resubmitted for half the points added back to increase the grade. For instance, if you submitted an assignment with 4 parts that were being graded, each at 25 points per part, you can make corrections and receive back 12.5 points per part that is corrected. Yes, you can also do this for assignments with a grade of higher than a 70 too. But you will not make a 100 on a corrected assignment. I do not offer extra credit.
    • Show respect towards yourself, your peers, and your teachers.  This includes not using profanity or negative comments, being polite, staying awake, paying attention, and coming prepared.  I will be prepared every day; I expect the same of you. 
    • Be inquisitive; ask thoughtful and relevant questions; stay on task and focused by avoiding inappropriate comments.


    Remote Learning Behavior Expectations:

    • Remote Learning. We're all pros at this by now. 
    • Timeliness. Even though it is online, please be on time to class. It is a distraction when you come to class late even when it’s online. I do understand there may be connectivity issues, so please keep me apprised of your specific situation.
    • Attire. I only ask you to wear appropriate clothing, which will not cause a distraction to the class. If you would not be able to wear it to school, please don’t wear it on camera. 
    • Chat. Please use the chat room for questions to me if you do not want to speak out loud. I understand there will be some socializing, but remember everything you say is being recorded. Do not use bad language or innuendo. Be polite. If you would not say it in class, don’t say it in the chat. Remember to pause and think before you speak. Or type in this instance.



      • Plagiarism will not be tolerated.  Any work turned in that is not your own will be dealt with harshly.  Many essays and projects you complete come from your own knowledge as a student, the text read research and classwork.  You must always cite your work appropriately and will be shown how to do so to avoid accidents.  ☺
      • You will receive a ZERO for a plagiarized assignment and not have a chance to make it up or replace that zero with alternate assignments, so do not ask.
      • Work that is not your own includes copied text/projects from any other source (including the Internet, any book, any journal article, any friend’s work, your own previous assignments/essays, parents completing your work, etc).  ANY WORK THAT YOU, THE STUDENT, DO NOT COMPLETE YOURSELF IS PLAGIARISM. If asked to research, it must properly be cited in MLA format.  If you are unsure about how to cite a source, please see me.  You are capable of turning in quality work that is your own. ☺  ***Parents, please be advised that helping too much is considered plagiarism if you are doing the work for your student.  





    Please click the link above to acknowledge that you understand the guidelines and expectations for this course and agree to follow them at all times.  A copy of these guidelines can be provided by request; it’s also on Google Classroom and my Webpage.