• Godfrey’s Math Class


    Planning Period:  9:10 - 10:45

    Contact Me:  (email)  mgodfrey@harnett.k12.nc.us


    Supplies Needed:

    Notebook paper Marbled Composition Book

    Pencils, extra lead, erasers Graph paper

    Individual pencil sharpener     Pencil Pouch 

    **Individual set of glue sticks, colored pencils, scissors, ruler, etc. Calculator (for at home use) AAA batteries (for classroom calculators)


    Optional Supplies:  

    Reams of Copy Paper Hand Sanitizer Colored Card Stock Anti-bacterial Wipes

    Pencils for classroom supply Hand Soap

    Colored pencils, glue sticks for classroom supply Kleenex

    Graphing Calculators:  We will be using Ti-84 Plus graphing calculators in my classroom.  It is not mandatory to have one at home, however if you wish for your child to have one, they are currently on sale in numerous stores.

    We will also be using desmos.com for calculator use.  There is a free app for desmos if you want to add it to your phone or tablet.

    ***Send me an email; mgodfrey@harnett.k12.nc.us.  Please make sure that I have working email addresses for you.  Email is the easiest way that I can stay in contact with you.  I will send out informational emails throughout the year.



     Godfrey’s Math Class Expectations 2021-2022


    Welcome to Mrs. Godfrey’s Math Class.  I am excited about beginning the 2021-22 school year and teaching your child.  The following are my policies and expectations for my math class.  Coming off of a crazy school year with remote learning last year, please understand that expectations are going to seem to be a lot different than last year’s.  Considering that I teach Honors classes of math, I have high expectations.  Please read these with your child and sign and return the information sheet.


    Please visit my website for more information.  The link is on the WHMS site under “Teachers”.  https://www.harnett.k12.nc.us/Domain/2391


    I teach Honors 7th grade pull-out math, Honors  8th grade pull-out math, and one 8th grade High School Credit Math I class.  Please make sure that the information that I give out throughout the school year is for your child’s class.


    In my 7th grade classes, we will use a scientific calculator as needed.  In my 8th grade math classes, we will use a TI-84 Plus Graphing Calculator as needed.   We will also use the desmos.com calculators as needed.  There are many versions of the Texas Instruments Graphing Calculator that you can get if you want your student to have their own at home.  In class, we will have the TI-84 Plus.  You can also get TI-83 or TI-84 Plus CE.  I understand that these calculators are expensive and it is your choice to buy one for your child for home use.  I will have calculators for classroom use only.  I will not assign homework that requires this graphing calculator.  However, if students miss work due to absences or if they don’t finish their work in class, they will have to do so at home.  If you choose to buy one, it will be worth it and is a great investment for your child’s education.  We will also use desmos.com graphing calculator.  There is also a scientific calculator version.  There is a desmos app if you wish to add it to a smartphone or tablet.  Students will also be expected to compute and solve problems without a calculator.   


    Working hard every day in my class, being prepared with their materials and completing assignments (either in class or as homework) is an expectation and is needed in order to be successful and to be prepared for the EOG or the Math I EOC.  


    For my 8th grade students, learning Math I and 8th grade math will be unlike years past.  Many students who have never had to do homework or study much, find themselves not able to be successful.  In this class,  completing work is an expectation and will require studying and doing work at home in order to be successful.  It is imperative that students are mature, responsible, and take this class seriously.

    All Classes: Interactive Notebooks:  I will be incorporating interactive notebooks this year. 

     It is Essential that your child start with a composition book on the 2nd day of school and have it with them in class at all times.  

    My intent is to make this their personal “textbook” to review and study from.  This is also where we will do the daily warm-ups.  It is also expected for the students to make up any notes missed due to absences from class.  This is their responsibility.


    All Classes:  Expectations for Work:  

    I expect All Math work to be done in PENCIL.  

    I also expect students to SHOW ALL WORK on assignments, even when using a calculator.  

    We will have homework on a regular basis when needed and if work is not completed in class.  

    All students are expected to complete their homework.  

    Assignments need to be turned in ON TIME and COMPLETE, which includes a Full Name and date.  Points will be deducted for late work and/or no name.  

    For all of my classes, having some kind of calculator at home will be necessary.  Not having a calculator at home is not going to be accepted as an excuse for incomplete or late homework.


    GRADES:  Refer to the Harnett County Calendar for dates of Progress Reports and Report Cards.  I will try to send out reminders of these dates and when I update PowerSchool and pass back graded papers.  Final grades are weighted as follows:

    Learning Activities (Classwork)- 30%

    Independent Practice (Homework)- 30%

    Unit Assessments (Quizzes and Tests)- 40%


    A 90 & Above       B 80-89       C 70-79       D 60-69      E Below 60

    My preferred method of contact is through email (mgodfrey@harnett.k12.nc.us).  


    I also prefer to make parent contacts through email or class dojo.  Please make sure that I have an accurate and up to date email address so I can make those contacts.


    This year is going to be different but, working together, we can both make sure that your child has a successful school year.  Please send me an email so I then have yours on record.  This is going to be the most efficient and effective method of contact.

    Thank you,  Mrs. Michelle Godfrey, Math Teacher