• Q. Where do I find the Google Class code?
    A. It is located on my Teacher page on the school's website. Just click on the Teacher tab and select my name.

    Q. Do I need to download or purchase special softwares for this class?
    A. No, a device will be assigned to you with the necessary softwares/tools that are needed.

    Q. What is the duration of the class?
    A. Instruction will last for approximately 1hr, afterwhich Teacher support will be available if needed. You may log off if you do not need any further assistance.

    Q. Am I required to have my camera on during the Google meets?
    A. No, it is not a requirement however there may be times I ask you to.

    Q. What if I cannot log into class due to issues?
    A. Reach out to me via email to express any challenges you have. 
    If you have further concerns or questions you may click the link below to write them