Supply List

      • Small whiteboard 
      • Black erasable markers
      • Whiteboard eraser (a piece of cloth or felt works too)
      • Crayons (CRAYOLA brand preferred)
      • Washable markers (CRAYOLA brand preferred)
      • Scissors (FISKARS brand preferred)
      • Glue sticks 
      • White copy paper
      • Pencils & eraser
      • 1 pair of headphones (NOT ear-buds)
      • Play-Doh
      • Two K-2 Primary Journal (1 for English and 1 for Spanish)– the top of the pages are without lines for students to draw and with lines at the bottom for them to write. 


      ** More materials may be requested as the year progresses.**


      • Big enough for a three-ring binder and a library book. (Those with zippers are easiest for kindergarten students). NO ROLLING BOOK BAGS!!!! Please label with your child’s name.

      4 boxes of 24 count crayons (CRAYOLA brand PLEASE)

      12 glue sticks

      2 cans of Play-Doh

      • Please label with your child’s name – this will be their personal can that they will be responsible for.

      1 pair of scissors (Fiskars preferred)

      1 pack of 8-10 Crayola brand markers (washable)

      1 pair of headphones (NOT ear-buds)

      1 big pink eraser (NOT pencil top erasers)


      baby wipes

      Ziploc bags (boys = gallon size, girls = quart size)

      Lysol wipes (cannot use Clorox or other brands -- must be Lysol)

      An extra set of clothing

      • Please include shirt, shorts or pants, socks and underwear, put in a gallon size Ziploc bag, and label with your child’s name. This will be kept in their cubby.

      A light jacket or sweater

      • Classrooms get cold during the day, so your child may need this to stay warm.