• Holds Notice: If you hold a book in the Destiny system please send me a follow up email immediately at nchesney@harnett.k12.nc.us. On the email tell me your name, grade, teachers name and if you are face to face and want the book placed in your teacher's box or if you are remote and your parents will pick up from the office. I will email you back as soon as it's ready! Thanks and remember any holds placed without a follow up email will be deleted.

    Destiny- Username: student ID number Password: student ID number: Here students can search for books, hold books, read and check out e-books and explore the materials in the media center.


    MackinVIA E-Books: https://www.mackinvia.com (School) Overhills Elementary. Both the User ID and Password are overhills.


    Harnett County Public Library - Username: student ID number Password: last 4 digits of student ID number: Here students have access to every resource in the HC Public library.


    NCWiseowl- Password: wiseowl20: This resource is great for research, access to e-books and educational activities. Students are not required to sign in using Google.