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    Here at Lillington-Shawtown (and throughout Harnett County), our students each have a district-issued and monitored Gmail account assigned to them when they enroll. This account allows them to access the full suite of Google Applications, which includes the Learning Management System (LMS), Google Classroom. 

    What is Google Classroom?

    Google Classroom is a class-organization platform that incorporates Google's core products (Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, Drive, etc.) so students can access everything they need for a class, including homework assignments, group projects, and files. Classroom is part of Google's Workspace for Education (formerly called G Suite). Google Classroom isn't a learning tool, like IXL, Khan Academy, and other providers of educational content: It's designed for organization and collaboration.

    How do students access Google Classroom?

    Students are issued a Chromebook for instructional use at the start of each school year. They will sign into their Chromebook with their Gmail account credentials, and then will have access to all of Google's Workspace for Education, including Classroom, which their teachers may use to post assignments or other instructional materials as needed.

    Can you use Google Classroom at home?

    Kids can access Google Classroom from anywhere, including from their phones, when they download the Google Classroom app.

    Can I communicate with my child's teacher through Google Classroom?

    It's possible, though teachers may use another tool, such as Class Dojo, for parent communication. If your child's teacher wants to use Google Classroom for communication, they will send you an invitation, and after accepting, you will receive updates directly from them, which may include information on upcoming or missing work and announcements.