• New to Harnett AIG

    What to do if my student was previously identified in another school system as gifted?  

    Provide documentation from the previous school to verify the gifted placement. This should include all the latest test scores for aptitude and achievement in the areas of reading and math.

    In what content areas can students be identified as AIG in this district?

    Reading, Math, or Both (Reading and Math)

    What is the criteria for Harnett County Schools identification as an AIG student?

    Our district looks at multiple criteria to make a gifted determination.

    Critieria I:  Identification for Academically Gifted:

    ALL of the following criteria must be met to qualify as an academically gifted student in Harnett County Schools:

    • An aptitude test score of 90%, or higher
    • An achievement score of 85%, or higher
    • A Gifted Behavior Scale (completed by the teacher)
    • Academic grades                              


    Criteria II:  AIG Identification Point System: 

    Achievement Measures: BOG, EOG, EOC, ITBS, High School NCFE in English and/or Math, other nationally normed achievement tests Points: 

    • 95th-99th percentile: 30 points 
    • 88th-94th percentile: 25 points 
    • 80th-87th percentile: 20 points 

    Aptitude Measures: CogAT, Otis-Lennon School Ability Test, Scholastic Aptitude Test I (SAT I), or other nationally normed aptitude tests Points: 

    • 90th-99th percentile: 30 points 
    • 85th-89th percentile: 25 points 
    • 80th-84th percentile: 20 points 

    Performance Measures: Academic Grades in Math and/or Reading Points: 

    • 95-100: 20 points 
    • 90-94: 15 points 
    • 80-89: 10 points 

    Observable Behaviors Measure: Gifted Behavior Scale Points: 

    • 144-160: 20 points 
    • 128-143: 15 points 
    • 112-128: 10 points 

    Student must obtain a minimum of 75 points to be identified.

    Intellectually Gifted:

    Students must achieve a score of 98%, or higher, on all subtests of an approved aptitude test.

    What if my child was not previously identified, but I would like them to be in the AIG program?

    Let you child's teacher and/or the school's AIG Lead Teacher know of your request.

    Who makes the decision as to whether or not to identify my child as an AIG student?

    Each school has a Gifted Identification Team (GIT) made up of teachers from that school. The GIT looks at all the identifying criteria to make a determination of gifted and what modifications/accomodations each student will receive.