• Primary Nurturing Program

    The goal of the Harnett County Schools Nurturing Program is to provide students with advanced and enriched learning experiences before a formal AIG identification process begins. The Nurturing program will promote higher-level thinking in students who demonstrate the potential to benefit from more in-depth instruction. Each school provides enriched learning experiences that encourage higher level thinking, creativity, and leadership growth. The need for participation in the Nurturing Program is determined in each school using a K-3 Nurturing Program Behavior Scale. Teachers complete the scale during the first couple of months of school. Parents will receive information and permission for their child to participate in the Nurturing Program if the Behavior Scale indicates a need for enhanced instruction. Instruction may be conducted independently and in an individual, small group and/or large group setting. Participation in the Nurturing Program will look differently at each site, but might include any of the following:

      • Independent Projects
      • Investigations of areas of interest
      • Math Superstars
      • Book Studies or Literature Circles
      • Leadership Roles 
      • Problem-solving Activities