• 9-12 High School
    Harnett County Schools delivers AIG services at the High School Level in the Honors and Advanced Placement (AP) courses it offers. AIG students should select these courses to ensure they are College and Career Ready. In addition, students are encouraged to take advantage of the various Career and Technical Education (CTE) courses available to broaden their educational experience and provide them with skills post-high school. 
    Students may also choose an acceleration option called Credit my Demonstrated Mastery, CDM. This is a multi-phase process where the student can earn course credit without a classroom, seat time learning experience. Click on the following for more details and the form to apply for CDM.
         CDM Process 
    Various extra-curricular activities are also available at the high school level to help increase social and emotional skills of the gifted student:
    • Clubs and Organizations (both school and community)
    •  Service Projects (both school and community)
    • Leadership Organizations 
    • Mentoring/Job Shadowing
    • Peer Tutoring
    • Governor's School
    • Academic Competitions (ex. Science Olympiad, History Bowl)