7:40-8:20              Arrival, Breakfast, and Morning work

    8:20-8:55              Whole Group ELA

    8:55-9:55              Small groups including independent reading

    10:05-10:35           Recess

    10:35-10:50           Read aloud or independent reading

    10:55-11:20            Lunch

    11:30-12:10            Writing or continued small groups

    12:10-12:40            Science/ Social Studies/ Health

    12:50-1:40           **Enhancements (Monday: PE, Tuesday: Media/STEM, Wednesday: CCE/Technology, Thursday:Art, Friday: Music)

    1:40-2:50                Whole group math and small groups

    2:50-3:00                Clean up and pack up

    3:05                        Dismissal


    Mrs. Jackson will not be available through email, DOJO, or phone after 5:00 Monday-Friday and weekends.