• Please go to the link below (please bookmark it on your computer) to access your assigned Credit Recovery classes:




    User ID:  Power School number (also called Student ID or lunch number)

    Password:  Fall2022


    IMPORTANT:  Pretests are your friend!  You can skip through an entire portion of the course by passing the Pretest.  So work carefully on each one.  If you score a 60% (or higher) on a Pretest, you MUST NOTIFY ME so I can excuse that section of the online course and then you will advance to the next section online (unless you score an 80% or higher...then it will usually automatically move you forward.)  Here's how you check your Pretest grade - look for the Menu icon (three lines) in the upper left corner.  Click on it and then click on "Gradebook."  On the blue ribbon at the top of the page, look for "What If."  When you click on that, it shows you all of your Pretest grades. Below is my email if you pass the pretest and want to be excused from that section:



    Overhills Grading Policy for Academic Support/Credit Recovery:

    Report Cards - 

    Here's an explanation of how grading works for our class:

    Academic Support class - will show INC for "incomplete" until the end of the semester.  At that time, you will receive a P for Pass if you completed at least ONE course.  If you don't complete at least one course, you'll receive an F.  All Academic Support classes are Pass/Fail and have 0 points, and they don't affect your GPA.  They do confer a credit if you have a P(ass) at the end of the semester.

    Credit Recovery courses (listed on your schedule with a 'CR' in front of them) - If you complete a course, you will see a P for Pass.  If you have not started a course, or if you are in the process of working on one, you will see INC for incomplete.  All credit recovery courses are Pass/Fail and have 0 points, and they don’t affect your GPA.  They do allow you to "recover" the credits for failed courses, which are needed to graduate.

    Important information about Pass/Fail grading and how it affects your GPA -

    When the Academic Support class and the CR (credit recovery) class are reflected on your transcript, both classes are coded as "E" which means "course is excluded from GPA".  However, the original class that was failed is recorded as 0 credit and the F is counted as "0" and added into your GPA.  So even though you see a 0 on your Credit Recovery class, it is the original class failed that lowers your GPA.  Basically, a credit recovery class gives you credits but does not affect or "fix" your GPA.

    If you or your parents have any questions about this, please email me at cbaron@harnett.k12.nc.us.