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    Seesaw is a digital portfolio system that allows students to engage in learning activities and share their work with their teacher and their family. The communication tools allow families to comment on student work and receive progress updates from teachers.

    Students add posts to their journals. Student posts showcase the academic projects they've been working on in the classroom. This could include photos, artwork, videos, activities, notes, projects they've created in other apps, and more.

    Families get notified when there are new posts in their student's journal. They can view posts and add likes and comments. Seesaw requires an invite from your child's teacher in order to sign up. If you do not have an invite QR code or link, contact your child's teacher. Up to 10 family members can connect to one child's journal.

    If you have more than one child using Seesaw, you can subscribe to both journals using the same account. You can access Seesaw on any device, iOS, Android, or access from any web browser. The Family App gives family members a view of what their child is working on in the classroom. Family members can comment on student work, view announcements, and message their child's teacher. Family accounts cannot respond to Activities or post directly to a student journal.