• First Semester:
    1st Period: Animal Science 1
    2nd Period: Planning
    3rd Period: Horticulture 1
    4th Period: Horticulture 1

    Second Semester:
    1st Period: Planning
    2nd Period: Horticulture 1
    3rd Period: Animal Science 1
    4th Period: Horticulture 2

    Horticulture 1 
    This course provides instruction on the broad field of horticulture with emphasis on the scientific and technical knowledge for a career in horticulture. Topics in this course include plant growth and development, plant nutrition, media selection, basic plant identification, pest management, chemical disposal, customer relations, and career opportunities.

    Horticulture 2
    This course covers instruction that expands scientific knowledge and skills to include more advanced scientific computations and communication skills needed in the horticulture industry. Topics include greenhouse plant production and management, bedding plant production, watering systems, light effects, basic landscape design, installation and maintenance, lawn and turf-grass management, and personal development.
    Animal Science 1
    This course goes over general livestock information, to include livestock breeds, terminology, reproduction, meat cuts, by-products, digestion, and management.