Students, please use the following codes to join our class.  Join the class listed on your schedule.

    • 1st Block:      jekunsj
    • 3rd Block:     v3x4vao
    • 4th Block:     jhw3dyk
    1. All assignments (face-to-face, remote and virtual) will be provided through google classroom. 
    2. Instruction will be provided daily for all students at the regularly scheduled class time. 
    3. All students are expected to log into google classroom, participate in instruction via google meet, and access, complete and upload assignments by the due dates. 
    4. The google meet link will be provided daily, before each class, for students to join for live instruction.
    5. All assignments will be listed on the google classroom pages including all projects and assessments.


    I look forward to a wonderful and exciting school year where academic achievement and growth will be realized through great expectations and hard work.

    Thank you.