Substitute Teacher

  • To apply to become a substitute in Harnett County, you must be 21 years old.

    Please complete the following items:

    • Complete online application using the Applitrack link
    • Please upload the following to the Applitrack application
      • Two forms of identification 
      • Completed Health Form
      • Official High School or College Transcripts
      • Certificate from App Garden Effective Teacher Training.  

    Once you have completed all of the required information, you must attend a brief orientation with the HR department via Google Meet.  You will be contacted to set up a time for this once all of your information has been turned in.  You may NOT start work without attending this session.

    Retirees wanting to Substitute:
    Please contact Connie Levorse for a Retiree Application.
    910-893-8151 ext. 300266


    • Uncertified Substitute Pay $97.50 per day          
    • Certified (Must have currently NC Teaching License) $121 per day
    • Subbing for Teacher Assistants $97.50 per day


    Effective Substitute Teacher Course

    • The Effective Substitute Teacher Course will be an option for potential substitutes that need to meet minimum requirements to substitute teachers.
    • The App-Garden University offers VIRTUAL training. 
    • There are many benefits to you as a sub, such as the ability to train anytime and anywhere you have access to the internet. 
    • The Harnett County Schools Effective Substitute Teacher Course is $39.00.  We are temporarily waiving this fee for applicants who have submitted all other required documents. 
    • Once you complete this training course, you may print a certificate of completion to keep for your records and upload it into your Applitrack Application.  The district office will be sent a report of your completion, and this will also be a record of your intent to sub this year.
    • You may review the course as many times as you feel necessary within your one-year enrollment in the course, which begins on the date of the purchase.  To obtain the App-Garden link, please contact Connie Levorse at
    • All subs are required to take the refresher once a year in order to stay active in the substitute system.


    Returning Substitutes:


    • All subs are required to take the refresher once a year in order to stay active in the substitute system.


    **Please note limitations on the amount of time each sub may work is 14 days a month.**


    Need to Change Your Name or Address?  Substitutes click the link below to update us:

    Harnett County Name, Address, and/or Phone Number Change Form