• The application period has closed for the 2022-2023 school year. Please check back next winter for the updated application link!

  • Harnett County Early College

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    Steps For Completing the Application


    Greetings from the Early College!  We are excited that you have expressed an interest in our program!  Listed below are a few pointers that will help make the application process go a little smoother! PLEASE FOLLOW THESE WHEN YOU ARE COMPLETING YOUR APPLICATION!


    Step 1:  Notify your counselor that you intend to apply! This is very important.  Do not skip this step.

    Step 2:  All required documents for the application must be completed in order for the application to be reviewed.  Missing documents will disqualify the application.

    Step 3:  You must request the following documents from your school counselor.

    1. Current Grades
    2. Current Attendance Profile
    3. 7th Grade Report Card
    4. 7th Grade Attendance Profile
    5. 7th Grade EOG Scores
    6. Discipline Report: this is required even if there are no discipline incidents

    Step 4:  The above documents must be uploaded as individual documents and should be labeled.  Absolutely no screenshots!!  Screenshots will not be accepted as required documents.

    Step 5:  Please make sure you use the correct email address when requesting teacher recommendations.  Verify the email address with the teacher that you are requesting to complete the recommendation.  This would be the perfect time to let your teacher know that you are requesting that he/she completes a recommendation. 

    Step 6:  Your teacher’s email will end with:  @harnett.k12.nc.us

    Step 7:  We request three recommendations – no more.   If you supply more than 3, the first 3 received will be read.  Please only submit 3 recommendations!

    Step 8:  Please have your application completed by January 24, 2022.  We strongly suggest that you do not wait to complete the process beyond that date.  If the application is not completed by January 24, it could delay the process. 


    Please reach out to your counselor if you have any questions!