Homeless Education Services

  • The McKinney-Vento Homeless Assistance Act ensures educational rights and protections for children and youth experiencing homelessness. Harnett County Schools Education for Homeless Children and Youth Program ensures that homeless students have equal access to the same free, appropriate, public education (including public preschool) provided to other Harnett County children.  This act guarantees homeless children and youth with the following:

    • The right to immediate enrollment in school, even if lacking paperwork normally required for enrollment.
    • The right to attend school in his/her school of origin (if this is requested by the parent and is feasible) or in the school in the attendance area where the family or youth is currently residing.
    • The right to receive transportation to his/her school of origin, if this is requested by the parent and is feasible.
    • The right to services comparable to those received by housed schoolmates, including transportation and supplemental educational services.
    • The right to attend school along with children not experiencing homelessness. Segregation based on a student's status as homeless is strictly prohibited. 

    Total number identified under McKinney-Vento in Harnett County:
    2014-2015:  183
    2015-2016:  232
    2016-2017:  219

    Homeless families may request assistance from Harnett County Schools’ Homeless Liaison:  
    Lauren Cappola
    910-893-8151 ext. 301

     More information can be found on:
    North Carolina Homeless Education Program website (https://hepnc.uncg.edu/)

    State Coordinator:  Lisa Phillips (336-316-7491)