• Daily Schedule

    Our meets start at 8:15 on Mondays- Fridays.

    8:00-8:30-Morning Work


    Complete math and ELA morning work.  A new document will be shared each Monday.  On Monday, you complete the 4 problems for day 1 and then on Tuesday, move on to the day 2 problems and complete those. Continue through Thursday. On Friday, there is a quiz which contains problems similar to those which appeared M-Th. The M-Th problems can be completed on paper and we will correct them together.  Answers for the Friday paper will be entered on a Google Form and collected for a grade.  Please do not use calculators on the math portion. 



    Students will listen to digital lessons and complete work in language arts.  This may be as a whole group, in small groups, read alouds or doing independent work.  The reading may be within a different subject area, such as reading about social studies or science, but reading and writing will be involved.


    10:30-12:00-Break Time, Recess, Lunch

    Parent/Guardian discretion on how this time is used



    Some parts of this time will be whole-group and some will be small-group or independent work time. Students may be doing various math activities during this time. Some days it may end a little earlier or end a little later.


    1:30-2:30-Flex time

    The teacher will be available for virtual meetings with students who have questions, need additional assistance or would like to speak with the teacher about something.