• School officials shall keep an accurate record of attendance, including accurate attendance records in each class.  Attendance records will be used to enforce the Compulsory Attendance Law of North Carolina.

    Each principal and his staff are expected to exert every effort to assure maximum attendance by all students. Attendance requirements shall be made clear to all students as well as the procedures involved in dealing with absences. Vigilance in regard to attendance will be enhanced if one of the school administrators or other designated staff member is assigned the responsibility for monitoring attendance.

    Principals shall develop procedures for recording attendance and investigating all cases of frequent or successive unexplained absences. It is expected that principals and teachers, through the use of these procedures, uphold the minimum 1,000 hours of instruction as required by the General Statutes and State Board Regulations.

    To be counted present for the school day, a student must be in attendance for at least one-half of the school day.  This shall include attendance at official school activities at a place other than school, with the approval of the principal.  For a middle or high school student to be counted present in a class, he/she must be present for at least one-half of the class period.