• Be respectful of everyone in the classroom.
    • Raise your hand to be heard.
    • NO mobile devices (HCMS policy)
    • NO food or drinks without permission.


    • SCIENCE NOTEBOOK (1)- 5 subject college ruled spiral notebook for year
    • Math Binder 2" or a section in another binder
    • Scotch tape or glue sticks (4 rolls or 5 glue sticks)
    • Pencils!!!!!!!!!
    • blue/black/red pens
    • colored pencils, highlighters
    • scissors and ruler
    • earbuds to be used with chromebooks
    • hand sanitizer, tissues, clorox wipes.


    Google Classroom:  Each student is required to join Mrs. Parrish’s Science and Math Google Classrooms.  This allows students to access online activities, assignments, notes, handouts, videos and other resources.  

    Grading:  Learning Activities (count for 30% of grade); Independent Practice (30%); Assessments (40%)

    Homework:  Science homework is assigned every night as a form of review of the day’s concepts.  Reflection, Review, Complete, Correct Science Notebook.  Math homework is a reinforcement of the days concepts.

    Absent:  The student is responsible for obtaining any work/notes missed while absent.  Check Google Classroom, Extra Copies folders, peers for assignments and notes.  Student has same number of days to make up work as the number of days the student was absent.  (Absent 1 day=1 day to make up work; Absent 3 days=3 days to make up work).  Absent work MUST be turned in with an Absent/Late slip.  

    Late assignments:  Late class work/homework MUST be turned in with a Absent/Late slip filled out and signed by the student.  Late work will NOT be accepted without the signed slip.  10 points per day will be deducted (max 40 points) for work that is turned in after the assignment has been collected.  Assignments not turned in will be recorded as a zero.  


    Behavior Expectations:  RESPONSIBLE, RESPECTFUL, and READY!

    • Students are expected to Be READY to learn everyday by bringing materials to class each day.
      • EXPLORER’S Emergency Pass will be provided for locker/bathroom/water emergencies.  9 passes per quarter.  Student is responsible for keeping up with pass and it is not replaceable.  No pass?  No go!  (Dr. notes for exceptions)
    • Respect teacher, peers and classroom.  Profanity and disrespect will not be tolerated.  Keep desk and supply area neat and clean.
    • Hallways are kept quiet.  We travel in single file, straight, quiet lines as to not disturb other classes.


      • Food/drink are NOT allowed in the classroom and NEVER during a lab.  Only CLEAR water bottles and NO sodas at lunch.
      • Cell phone/electronics: Cell phones and other electronic devices are not allowed at HCMS.  Students are required to leave them in their lockers.  If a cell phone/electronic device emits a sound of any kind or is seen being used at anytime during the day, including lunch, the following will occur:  confiscated by the teacher and taken to the office to be placed in the vault until the parent/guardian can claim phone.


    • Chromebooks are used only for educational reasons.  Playing games and looking at unrelated internet sites, even approved/appropriate, are not allowed.  Abuse of technology will result in your privilege to use them being revoked.
    • PowerSchool is to be used by students to monitor their academic progress at approved times during the school day.  Parents are encouraged to join Powerschool.  Details are in HCMS’ office.


    HCMS handbook rules and procedures are to be followed at all times.