7:45-8:10        Help students with Arrival


    8:15-8:25        Third Grade Guidance Enhancement


    8:45-9:25        504 Planning


    9:35-10:15      Group Session


    10:25-11:05    Second Grade Enhancement


    11:15-11:55    Individual Meetings


    12:00-12:30    Lunch


    12:35-1:20      Mtss Student Sessions


    1:35-2:15        Mtss Student Session 


    2:20- 2:45        End of Day check-in


    2:50-3:30         Dismissal duty


    3:30-4:30.        Parent meetings, SIT team, MTSS group, or 504 meetings 



    *Individual and Group Sessions are scheduled as needed

    **Classroom Guidance Enhancement Lessons are divided by semesters.  In the Fall semester, I teach K-2nd grade classes.  In the Spring, I teach 3-5rd grade guidance enhancement classes.