• Credentialing

    Students have the opportunity to earn certified credentials in several of our CTE programs.  
    Harnett County Schools student credentialing includes, but is not limited to the following:

      • ServSafe (Foods II, Culinary)
      • Microsoft Office Word (Business)
      • Microsoft Office Excel (Business)
      • Microsoft Office Powerpoint (Business)
      • Microsoft Office Word Expert (Business)
      • Microsoft Office Excel Expert (Business)
      • Adobe (InDesign, Dreamweaver, Photoshop, Illustrator)
      • CPR (Health Science)
      • First Aide (Health Science)
      • Home Care Aide (Health Science)
      • Nurse Aide (Health Science)
      • Pharmacy Technician (Health Science)
      • Certified Nursing Assistance (Health Science)
      • OHSA 10-hour Industry (CORE and Sustainable Construction, Health Science)
      • NCCER Modules (Carpentry, Masonry, Electrical Trades)
      • NIMS (Metals Manufacturing)
      • Fire Alarms and Communications (Pubic Safety Academy)
      • Fire Behavior (Pubic Safety Academy)
      • Portable Fire Extinguishers (Pubic Safety Academy)
      • Personal Protective Equipment (Pubic Safety Academy)
      • Forcible Entry (Pubic Safety Academy)
      • Ropes (Pubic Safety Academy)
      • Ladders (Pubic Safety Academy)
      • Fire Hose, Streams, and Appliances (Pubic Safety Academy)
      • Foam Fire Stream (Pubic Safety Academy)
      • Water Supply (Pubic Safety Academy)
      • Sprinklers (Pubic Safety Academy)
      • Fire Prevention (Pubic Safety Academy)
      • Fire Department Orientation and Safety (Pubic Safety Academy)
      • EMT I and II (Pubic Safety Academy)
      • Emergency Management Training- NIMS (Public Safety Academy)
      • WorkKeys (Senior CTE Completers)

    To download a Credentialing Brochure, click here.   
    For additional information on credentialing, contact:  
    Larry Clark, Curriculum & Instructional Management Coordinator
    Phone: 910/893-8151 (Ext. 331)  Fax: 910/893-2401