• Our School Improvement Team consists of administrators, support staff, teachers, teacher assistants, and parents. 

    Our School Improvement Plan (SIP) is a living document that was created in collaboration with staff and parents. This is a data-driven plan that outlines our goals for improving student achievement. You can view a copy of our current SIP by clicking the link below.

    You may click here to log in to our guest portal to view our "live" plan. Our guest log-in information is below:

    Username: Guests16459

    Password: Guests16459


    STAR Academy will be a model of education for alternative environments, inspiring and empowering students to be lifelong learners, critical thinkers, leaders, and responsible citizens.  Our improvement plan will be the framework guiding stakeholders' efforts to improve the quality of education that students receive at STAR.  All stakeholders will work to have a positive impact on learning and promote a safe and disciplined environment for all students.

    We provide an environment for the inclusion of diversity with fidelity and integrity where all students can learn.

    The mission of STAR Academy is to educate, prepare, and redirect targeted students for re-entry into a traditional school setting through behavioral management, academic performance, and attendance.