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  • AYPYN -Army Youth Program in Your Neighborhood

    General Information

    · The goal of the Army Youth Program in your Neighborhood (AYPYN) is to ensure our military-connected students become more resilient. We can accomplish this when we provide caring adults who lead after-school activities at our schools.  Thank you all for your support as we provide after-school opportunities for our students.

    · Please do all that you can to encourage AYPYN participation among students at your schools.  Remember that our funding is dependent upon the number of students participating in the after-school program (s) so please encourage participation.  The students who count include children of active duty Army and National Guard but activities are open to all students.    

    · In the past, a student lounge was a required component of the AYPYN program. This is no longer a requirement but it is certainly acceptable to continue to have one in place.  AYPYN now requests for there to be some sort of transition program in place to help students who are new to our schools.  In addition, we have the opportunity to support our students through a program known as Check and Connect and count these students in our attendance.  I will get more details about this process in the next few weeks and will set up a time to meet with you as a group or visit at your individual schools to explain this process.