Student Memorandum of Understanding

  • Technology Acceptable Use
    Board policies regarding technology acceptable use are also located in the school student handbook. Student agreement for school handbook guidelines include district technology acceptable use.

    Board Policy Code Relating To Technology

    • Policy Code: 3227/7322 Web Page Development 
    • Policy Code: 3230/7330 Copyright Compliance 
    • Policy Code: 3220 Technology In Education 
    • Policy Code: 3225- 4312 Technology Acceptable Use 
    • Policy Code: 4318 Wireless Communication Devices 
    • Policy Code: 5071-7351 ESIR 
    • Policy Code: 6524 Network Security 
    • Policy Code: 1720/4015/7225 Cyberbullying

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    Student Device Agreement

    Students will abide by Technology in the Educational Program (Policy Code: 3220) and Technology Acceptable Use  (Policy Code: 3225/4312) found in the Harnett County Schools Student Handbook and on the HCS Website.  All expectations regarding the use of the device and application of Board policy apply at all times, on and off-campus.

    1. Students acknowledge that any issued device is the property of Harnett County Schools. 
    2. The device is to be used for instructional purposes only. It must be returned to Harnett County Schools when a student withdraws from the school system, at the end of the school year, or immediately upon request from a school administrator. 
    3. Students will make available for inspection by any school administrator
    4. Students will not download, install, or delete any programs/files/software.
    5. Students will not leave the device in the possession of anyone other than the student, parent, or school staff.
    6. The parent/guardian takes responsibility for ensuring that student’s access to the internet when off-campus is appropriate and compliant with all relevant laws and regulations.
    7.  Students will report to school personnel any incidents of inappropriate communications transmitted in any form using HCS owned technology or accounts. 
    8.  Students agree to transport the issued device in the case provided by Harnett County Public Schools. 
    9. Students will not deface the device or the case. DO NOT put any stickers or labels on your device or case.
    10. Damages (accidental or intentional) must be reported to school personnel immediately. 
    11. Students will bring their issued device fully charged to school each day.   
    12. Repair to an intentionally damaged device will be charged at the actual cost of repair for part(s). Devices intentionally damaged beyond repair will be treated as a lost device. Note: The school administrator will determine if the device has been intentionally damaged. 
    13. Replacement costs will be charged for a lost or stolen device.  
    14. A fee of $35 will be charged for lost, stolen, or damaged AC adapters. Students must have and use a county-issued adapter.  
    15. A fee of $35 will be charged for lost, stolen, or damaged carrying cases when provided.  Students with unpaid device fees may not be allowed to attend school activities until fees are paid. 
    16. Parents should notify law enforcement when an issued device is lost or stolen outside of school. A copy of an official report should be provided to the school administration. A student or parent/guardian must pay the replacement cost for a new mobile device before being issued a replacement. The student will be provided with a loaner to be used only on school property. 
    17. If the device is reported lost or stolen, the device will be locked down and will be unusable.

    Each student must complete the Grades K-12 STUDENT-PARENT AGREEMENT before s/he is issued a device. This form must be completed on an annual basis.