Access to your child’s grades and attendance using the Parent Portal is being provided to you by Harnett County Schools as another form of communication with teachers, counselors, support staff, and administrators. This information will be helpful in facilitating relationships between parents, students, and teachers - helping all of us in our efforts to support your child’s education.

    Steps to Gain Access to Parent Portal

    1. The parent/guardian requesting access must complete the "Parent Application for Access to Parent Portal" AND the "Harnett County Schools Parent Portal Acceptable Use Agreement" for each child. (Links to these forms are found below.)
    2. The parent/guardian requesting access MUST go in person to each child's school to apply for access to Parent Portal.
    3. The parent/guardian requesting access must deliver the completed forms to the receptionist at each child's school.
    4. The parent/guardian requesting access must present a valid picture identification to the school staff member accepting the application.
    5. Within 10 days of submitting the required forms, the parent/guardian will be notified of their login information via the method chosen on the application (via email or via postal mail).