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Degrees and Certifications:

Bachelor Degree Elementary Education (K-6) AIG Certification Master Degree Elementary Education (K-6) ESL Certification

Mrs. Michele Lee


Hello, I'm so glad to meet you!

  It is my belief that everyone is a genius at something, and it is my job to find that genius within your child. 


My name is Michele Moore Lee. The upcoming school year 2021-2022 will be my 18th year teaching at Erwin Elementary School. I look forward to this year with you and your child. I graduated from Fayetteville State University with a bachelor of science degree in elementary education with a concentration in biology (science). I received my AIG certification in June 2011 and a masters degree in elementary education in May 2013 from Campbell University. In 2019 I received my ESL (English as a Second Language) certification. 

I guess you can say I am a hometown girl. I came to Erwin when I was in the eighth grade. I was born in Killeen, Texas, but my family moved around a lot when I was a child. I attended schools in Texas and in Wake, Johnston, and Onslow counties (North Carolina) before coming to school in Harnett County. My father and mother were born in Erwin. My father was born in a house on the corner of West E Street while my mother was born in Good Hope Hospital. I guess it was just natural that they would come back here.

While at Erwin High School (where they are building our new school in town) I was involved in the Spanish Honor Society (thank you Ms. Gulledge for the education you gave me), Beta Club, and Christian Club. I was a junior varsity and varsity cheerleader (with Mrs. Lucas - now Mrs. Davis - as our leader) as well as a member of chorus which was led by Mrs. Dorman (she was Mrs. Johnson back then). I followed in my uncle's (Willie Moore) footsteps as I was a member of the Erwin HS newspaper with guidance from Mr. D.G. Gomedella.  I was one of the fortunate individuals to be part of the first graduating class from Triton High School. My biggest accomplishment during my only year at THS was that of editor of the high school's first newspaper under the leadership of Mrs. Brenda Peregoy.

After graduation from high school I attended the University of North Carolina at Charlotte (where I was involved in the Air Force R.O.T.C. program) and N.C. State University. After college I worked for several newspapers. I started in the advertising department and worked myself up to the editorial staff. My last position in newspaper was as editor of "The Clayton News-Star." I enjoyed my time working with the news. I was always involved in covering school events, and I guess that's when I seriously stopped to think about being an educator. I loved my time with the children; I learned so much from them.

I left the newspaper so that I could spend more time with my son Brandon and to help take care of my daddy. You can ask your child because my students know a lot about Brandon. I use my son as an example for the students in many ways. He taught me most of what I have learned about computers. Over the last several years he has been my unofficial tech and is always willing to help everyone with their technology needs. My husband David used to volunteer with us, but he is busy driving a truck for Food Lion now. He built the Erwin Little Library, which was located in the semicircle near the gym of our original school site.

I have always been a learner. Growing up we usually didn't live near other girls my age so I spent A LOT of time playing school. Sometimes my brother, Michael, would be my student, but a lot of times, I was the teacher and student. I used the dictionary and discarded textbooks as my resources. I had my own little desk and chalk board. Oh, how I miss a chalk board!!! I would get out on my bike and ride around like I was the bus driver taking students home. I guess I should have realized that this was where I would end up.

 After I graduated from Triton High and went to UNC-Charlotte, I started to realize that I was very interested in many areas. I guess you can say I was one of those who had a major of the month. All the required classes interested me so much that I had to learn more. I think my desire to learn has helped me as an elementary school educator. I am always learning something new. I would have it no other way. Learning new things is a life-long occupation for me. 

Since becoming a teacher I have learned so much from my students. I have been very lucky to have had so many wonderful students. My children come to school thinking they are the ones who are learning. Honestly, I think I learn as much or more from them. Teaching is not an easy career, but it can be so interesting. I feel so very fortunate to have your child in my class.

I love children and believe that they hold the love and magic of the world. They definitely hold our future in their hands as they are tomorrow's leaders. I do all I can to teach them what they need to know in order to be successful students, but most importantly, I try to teach them how to be loving and kind individuals who respect one another. My life choice is to try to show these children how important they are to the continual existence of the human race.  Thank you for helping me in my journey this year!!


Michele Lee