• Mrs. Bridges 6th Grade Science Class Welcome to Mrs. Bridges' 6th Grade Science Class. In my class you will explore, experiment, play with really cool science gadgets, become a closed circuit and compare yourself to a volcano. You may think this is going to be the worst year in the history of school; not true!!! You are very lucky-we will be able to study the science behind the extraordinary events of our time.

    1st Semester Curriculum                      2nd Semester Curriculum

         Living Organisms                                            Matter

            Ecosystems                                                   Energy

                Matter                                                        Waves

               Energy                                                         Sound

               Waves                                           Electromagnetic Spectrum

               Sound                                               Earth In The Universe

    Electromagnetic Spectrum                               Earth Systems

       Earth In The Universe                                Rocks and Minerals

          Earth Systems                                           Living Organisms

       Rocks and Minerals                                          Ecosystems