Phone: (910) 893-3483 ext. 302


Degrees and Certifications:

Bachelor of Elementary Education Major in Special Education

Ms. Mendoza

Welcome to First Grade! 

My name is Ms. Mendoza and I am a first grade teacher!

I have been teaching for 8 years and it is my 6th year teaching first grade here in Lillington Shawtown.

My experience has been a wonderful journey. My LSES Family and the first grade team are awesome!

I am from the Philippines. I am proud to be a Filipino. I graduated with a Bachelor of Elementary Education major in Special Education in the University of Santo Tomas, España, Manila, Philippines. I have taught in the Philippines for three years in preschool and kindergarten. 


I am so excited to meet you! I am hoping for an amazing year ahead of us!


Ms. Mendoza's favorites

Color: purple

Animals: dogs, cats (I have a dog named Burrito)

Food: Filipino Cuisine (Sinigang), Sushi and Sashimi

Restaurant: Sushi Court, Nona Sushi, Texas Roadhouse, Bonefish Grill

Hobbies: painting/ arts and crafts

Drinks: CROSS CREEK COFFEE MOCHA (frozen), starbucks coffee (frappe)/ matcha/ milktea with boba